This meme is on a break while the host and hostess decide what is the best way to take it forward, since both are lost in their own worlds at present and this site is suffering as a consequence.

Thanks for your patience..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week #78

The 78th week dawns on this meme. Welcome to all.

The theme this week is “POWER”. Yes, just a word can give such power to a post, how it is used can make a difference to a life, how it is harnessed can change outlooks!

Write a story or poem on the theme POWER and share it with us at Its Thursday this week. The rules are thus: 1. A maximum of 500 words (poem or story) 2. Read and comment for as many participants as you can.

CHALLENGE: Want to take it up a notch? Write an Acrostic on the word POWER. An acrostic is a type of poetry where the first letters of each line spell out the theme of the poem (in this case, POWER). There are two ways you can go in this challenge: 1. Acrostic poem of 5 lines, with 5 words in each line or 2. Acrostic story (the letters indicating the start of a new paragraph in the story) of 5 paragraphs and 500 words maximum…

The next prompt, #79, will be called “Turning Back Time”. You can choose an image to write on (poetry or story), from these three options. Each image has already been used in a prompt before this.

You can vote by leaving it in a comment. I won’t publish the comment till next prompt is out. Only the votes of THIS week’s participants will be considered.

Have fun…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week #77 And A Few Changes

Hey there, well wishers and writers of Thursday Tales... I know it's been a while, and probably, it'd have been a while more had it not been for this sudden decision on my part to renovate this place. This meme, quite dear to my heart, for it was the first meme venture I took, with one of my best and closest friends, Yamini, has been inactive now for a month, due to net and personal time problems, but it starts in a new avatar from tomorrow.

What changes? The name, you’d have noticed already, has changed… The name “It’s Thursday”, suggested by another good friend, indicates we’re going generic in style. Not just stories, but poetry also is welcomed at this space from now. On some weeks, keeping with the first idea we had for the blog, it’ll be only stories. You’ll know in the post. The theme for the week, it will stay… after all, that’s what you come here for… to find inspiration. However, it won’t always be a picture. It might be a few words, a single word, or an emotion, something totally unexpected… Depends on that time and mood I guess. I’d thought of the name “Totally Random Thursdays” at first, but then this name felt more tongue friendly. Hope you all continue to thrive here as you’ve done before.

To help with the change-over, the URL of the blog stays the same. We’re not shifting to another URL.

So, without further adieu, move on to Week #77 here, and it is a picture. I found it for a story I’d written recently, and give it to you too.

Write a story or a poem about the picture and share it with us here using the link widget. No word limits, but two things are important: 1) a hyperlink back to the artist is a MUST. The artist is Dave (~swineandroses) at DeviantArt and the image can be found HERE. If no credits link, the link shared here will be removed. 2) Read some of the other entrants too and give a comment.

Interpret it as you see it, how you see it... A picture can be spoken about a thousand different ways! :)

Have fun. See you next Thursday. By then, I’ll get the header and badge updated as well.