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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tale #9

The monsoon approaches my town fast, and I look forward to the rains. How I miss those times when I used to walk back home from school in the rain... Ah, good times of yore..!

Spider13Bug lends us his work for inspiration this week. Let's not forget to give him recognition by giving a link to it in our Tales. 


1. No word limit on the tale, but please try not to make it too long.
2. The tale should be in sync with the photo.
3. Link back to us here at Thursday Tales
4. The tale should be original.
5. Post it anytime and share your post link as a comment here.

Once we receive your comment, we'll add to our tales train in this post.

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Anonymous said...

here's mine for this week! :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

My first time on the Train. It was great fun, and the picture took me in places I hadn't expected to go. Thanks!

Leo said...

UnhingeD said...

by me just a try..

Amity said...

mine here:


RV said...

The Write Girl said...

Here is my story for this week:

Scribbling Girl said...

My first :)

Ms.Meduri said...