This meme is on a break while the host and hostess decide what is the best way to take it forward, since both are lost in their own worlds at present and this site is suffering as a consequence.

Thanks for your patience..

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Note of Thanks..

Dear all, 

As we near two years since its inception, Thursday Tales, idea of Yamini Meduri and co-founded by her along with me, has receded in its regularity of late. To my delight, some of you have contacted me and asked for it to be restarted. Thank you for supporting this meme so many days. It is because of you that we are not giving up on this venture.

As a first step to returning it to its old stature, I've put its name back. It's Thursday was interesting, but it didn't feel right. And we started it out as a place for just storytellers. We also go back to that. Poetry will not be a part of this meme from its rebirth. Please adjust for a day, as I go about making the header and badge etc.

I hope and wish that you, our writers and supporters, will return and get this meme back on its feet along with us.

A new image prompt will be up for inspiring your stories, on Wednesday, 29th February at/after 9PM Indian Standard Time.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,