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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tale #1

That evening with my Dear Dad, is a precious sweet memory. Its special, its nice. We lived life to the fullest. Felt that life has all colors but this shade of life with Dad is the best.

Pick up your pen...start writing your thoughts. The above lines need not be included. They're just our inspiration

Rules of the tale:
  1. The word limit for the tale is 250 to 500 words.
  2. The tale shall be in sync with the pic.
  3. Link Thursday Tales to every tale.
  4. The tale shall be original and shall be written only for Thursday Tales.
  5. Add the link of your tale, anytime between Thursday and the next Wednesday.
What are you waiting for? Lets start Thursday Tales...!!!

Special Thanks to BenoitPaille for the Picture..!!! Please do include it the photo in your tale and give credit to Benoit with a link. We should definitely appreciate even the artist, right?


Tan said...

Best of Luck Mates, on this new venture!

Today is a Thursday and today is April Fool's Day; still this day marks the start of this new blog. Hope it goes the longer distance.

Have fun. Have tales told! God Bless You...

- Tan :)

Anonymous said...

Hope this was not a trick to fool us ;):P Well ..kudos to the person/s who came with this idea !!!! I am gonna up with a one soon and hope to hear lot from others too !! :)

Amias said...

Best of luck dear friends, I know this will be successful and I will be supporting you!

ThomG said...

Looks good. Just don't forget to do 3WW!

Leo said...

thanks bro... hope to see ur views soon! :)

thanks!! welcome aboard and no, it s not a trick! :)

Leo said...

thanks! means a lot to us! :)

thank u! hope to see u participate.
and yeah, i'm not gonna quit 3ww.. will try to get Yami aboard too! :D

Anonymous said...

great idea leo... lovely pix for first prompt....

Amity said...

Leo & Yamini;

Hello...mine is up now... :)

Creativity!! said...

Hey, I Too Shared My View With This Picture :) :)

Yamini Meduri said...


Thank you friends..Thanks for your stories..!!!

See you all here every week..!!!