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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tale #3

The birds flying high above reminded me of the freedom and thought of writing the words that came to my mind...!!!

Rules of the tale:

  1. Let your creativity flow through your words. The tale can have upto 350 words.
  2. The tale shall be in sync with the pic.
  3. Link Thursday Tales to every tale.
  4. The tale should be original.
  5. Add the link of your tale, anytime between Thursday and the next Wednesday.
What are you waiting for? Lets start Thursday Tales...!!

Special Thanks to Angelica Kidwell for the Picture..!!! Please do include it the photo in your tale and give credit with a link. We should definitely appreciate even the artist, right?

Tale Train Shows:

1. Amity
2. Riya
3. Pia Zellini


Amity said... first...:))

msk_ajay said...


Leo said...

thanks dear. ur story was wonderful...

plz write a tale and link it..

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was late this time ..But I did it , finally :P