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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tale #15

On the river, they're fast. What story do they tell when docked? Or do the docks have a story too? Share with us this week here at Thursday Tales.

BulletsAreScen3 from DeviantArt lends us the picture for inspiration this week. Don't forget to give her credit for that! 

1. No word limit on the tale, but please try not to make it too long.
2. The tale should be in sync with the photo.
3. Link back to us here at Thursday Tales
4. The tale should be original.
5. Post it anytime and share your post link as a comment here.

Once we receive your comment, we'll add to our tales train in this post.

Tales Train shows:
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5. Saravana


Anonymous said...

m done !!! and i loved writing this :

Anurag said...

" The calmness of the sea..
prevails for a while,
its just a matter of time,
when the clouds set a blaze of fire.

Wish these moments lasts a little longer,
the coolness of the breeze, the silent waves...
all I dont want is a storm to disturb my gaze. "

I wrote 3 more para (after seeing dat pic), but only the first two suited this tale.

Anonymous said...

here is mine :

Ms.Meduri said...


Someone Is Special said...

Sorry for posting without reading the rules. This time a story in sync with the pic given here.


Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M