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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tale #18

Friends...the jewels of our little lives. They are there for us when we needed them around...there are many such special people but yes, theres definitely one special among them too...Let's celebrate the bond of friendship...lets dedicate a story to that special friend...!!!

Thursday Tales wishes all its passengers of the tales train a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...!! It's celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

This weeks picture depicts pick your pen, write your tale, dedicate it t your best friend..!!!

1. No word limit on the tale, but please try not to make it too long.
2. The tale should be in sync with the photo.
3. Link back to us here at Thursday Tales & to the source link of the image.(ITS HERE)

4. The tale should be original.
5. Post it anytime and share your post link by inserting it into Mr.Linky
6. Try and read the others who have joined the Train! An image can get different views!

Tales Train Shows:
1. A Dreamy Gal
2. Anurag
3. Creativity
4. Miss Meduri
5. Leo
6. Rumya
7. Someone is Special
8. Avada Kedavra
9. Amity

Mr. Linky has been timed out for this prompt. Please leave further links as comments and I'll add the link to the list.


Anurag said...

hey leo..
about my tale...I forgot to sync the post with the pic.actually I just went away with the topic 'friends'.
I have edited content though.

Someone Is Special said...

Hi All,

Happy Frendship Day!

Do stop by "Someone Is Special's Few Miles"

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M